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Linux Servers

Servers supply services or data to other machines within the local area network (LAN), while others run administrative software that controls all or part of the network as well as its resources. It would be of vital interest for companies to invest in installing servers as all computing activities within the company will be controlled fairly easily plus sharing information within the business network will become simple and unproblematic. Linux Now provides powerful yet cost effective Linux based server solutions for a variety of business needs. We currently provide servers running your choice of operating system and tailor the installation to fit your requirements.

Additionally our support service is available to all customers who require assistance in using their new server. With our support service we strive to ensure satisfaction with your server by providing assistance in its usage and also to help in the event that you encounter problems. Also included is our remote administration software with which we can quickly correct any software problem you are having by remotely connecting to your server.

There is no denying that servers are an essential part of any company as they can keep the company running; if a server were to break down, networking activities would stop. Therefore, it is important that servers are well maintained over time. This is why Linux Now's after-sales support is available to properly maintain your server after installation. We are able to ensure your server remains up to date with the latest security patches as well as ensure that your server is working at peak efficiency.

Please contact us to receive a free consultation and a no obligation quote to identify exactly what you require, as well as if you need assistance in selecting a server that is right for you. From there we do the rest including setup of hardware, setup of software and installation at your premises.

Server Recommendation

If you would like assistance in choosing a server that is right for you then you may request a quote from us.

We'll help you find the right server for your business and tailor the operating system to suit your requirements.

Fully Managed VPS

Cloud Computing is the next generation of computing services where the applications you would like to use are run on an externally maintained server rather than your own systems. These applications are then interacted with by using a standard web browser and can be accessed by any internet connected computer. Also by shifting the workload externally you ease the headache of maintaining your own hardware and software; this is all carried out by the cloud server.

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Popular Server Setups

  • Small Business Server
    An all in one solutions to handle your file, mail and web needs.
  • File Server
    Store all your documents in a centralised location.
  • Mail Server
    Handles your email needs, including Webmail facilities.
  • Terminal Server
    Reduce initial and running costs by using a Terminal Server.
  • Web Server
    Host your own websites from your own equipment.

Complete Server List

We can provide the following server systems with Linux pre-installed:

Server Installations

If you already have your own server or are using, or planning to use, a virtual private server (VPS) then we can help to install and configure it for you.

What's Included

With Linux Now's server offerings you will receive the following:

  • Server(s)
  • Installation Guide
  • Installation disc(s)

Optional Extras:

  • Full Server Management (1st month free)
  • On-site Installation
  • Extra telephone support calls
  • Extension of e-mail support
  • Setup of workstations

Linux Now can provide your server with one of the following operating systems pre-installed:

  • Debian GNU/Linux
  • Fedora
  • Ubuntu Linux
  • CentOS Enterprise Linux
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server

And when you select one of our supported operating systems you can choose to have the following services configured for your needs:

Service Description
Internet Firewall
Protects your server and network from intrusions and hostile attacks from the Internet.
Internet Connection Sharing
Share a single Internet connection throughout your network.
DHCP Server
Assigns IP addresses for your network.
DNS Server
Provides human readable names for computers on your network.
Virtual Private Network (VPN)
Provides a secure connection to your server or network from a remote location.
Proxy Server
Reduces Internet traffic load by caching common web requests.
Mail Server
Provides a mailing facility to host email on your server.
Webmail Server
Provides a web interface for your email accounts.
Spam Filter
Filters out unwanted email messages.
Web/HTTP Server
Allows hosting of your own web site(s).
Virus Protection
Scans incoming email and stored files for viruses.
Database (SQL) Server
Provides a database for storing records and other information.
Domain Controller
Controls your Windows based network for user authentication.
File Server
Provides a centralised location for users to store their files.
Print Server
Provides the ability to easily share printers throughout your network.
Data Security
Ensures your data is kept safe by providing redundancy and backups of your data.
Time-Based Data Recovery
Provides historical copies of your data.
Groupware Server
Provides a collaboration system for management of users.
FTP Server
Provides a location to store files which can be accessed from the Internet.

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