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  • Fully Managed Linux VPS

At Linux Now we understand that downtime of your server systems can bring your business to a halt, therefore so we have created our Fully Managed Linux VPS service.

Uptime is essential to all companies, and Linux Now understands this, which is why we give you on-going maintenance for your server through our reasonably priced Fully Manageed VPS service. This service will give you extra peace of mind by ensuring that your server is working at peak efficiency. When you use our Fully Managed VPS service together with our support service, you will have the benefit of a system administrator at a fraction of the cost of a full-time administrator.

Please see the list below of the VPS option we can provide you, or feel free to contact us if you have specific requirement. Our VPS solutions are offered for email, groupware, web servers plus other great offerings as well. Additionally, all our VPS solutions can be upgraded to the next offering, so the capacity of your VPS can grow as you grow.

  • What's Included

With VG Computing you will receive the following:

  • Fully Managed VPS(s)
  • Complete Installation, Configuration and Management
  • Full Ongoing Support, Maintenance and Updates - No User Intervention Required
  • Automatic Daily Backup
  • 24x7 Service Monitoring to ensure all aspects of the server are working correctly
  • Alerts when a problem is detected with your server
  • Fully Managed Servers

Fully Managed Servers
Please select one of the following VPS packages. If the packages here don't fit your needs please contact us for alternative configurations.

2 CPU Cores2GB RAM48GB SSD2TB Traffic
4 CPU Cores4GB RAM96GB SSD4TB Traffic
6 CPU Cores8GB RAM192GB SSD8TB Traffic
8 CPU Cores16GB RAM384GB SSD16TB Traffic
12 CPU Cores32GB RAM768GB SSD20TB Traffic
16 CPU Cores48GB RAM1152GB SSD20TB Traffic
20 CPU Cores64GB RAM1536GB SSD20TB Traffic
20 CPU Cores96GB RAM1920GB SSD20TB Traffic

Operating System
Please select the OS you would like installed.
Current Operating Systems
CentOS Enterprise Linux 7
Debian GNU/Linux 8
Ubuntu Linux 16.04 LTS
Older Operating Systems
CentOS Enterprise Linux 5
CentOS Enterprise Linux 6
Debian GNU/Linux 7
Ubuntu Linux 14.04 LTS

Server Configuration
Please select a server configuration to be installed.
Bare Server
OS Installation only
Web Servers
LAMP Server
Mail Servers
Postfix/Dovecot Server
File Server
MySQL Server
Postgres Server

Please select the number of servers you would like installed. You receive a $40/month discount on the second and subsequent servers ordered.
Number of systems to be installed

Customer Details
Business Name:
Primary Phone Number: *With Area Code
Secondary Phone Number: *With Area Code
Fax: *With Area Code
Preferred Payment: Payment information
Additional Information:
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Other components are available on request. All prices include GST.

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Try our expert and friendly technical support service. We support a number of Linux distributions including Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Ubuntu, Fedora plus many others as well.