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Dell Precision 7780 (AUM7780732512A3PS3C1)

The following are the specifications for the Dell Precision 7780 notebook. The prices quoted here include GST and are subject to confirmation.

Dell Precision 7780
Base System
Model Dell Precision 7780
Part Number AUM7780732512A3PS3C1
Processor Intel Core i7 13850HX
Screen 17" 1920x1080
Memory 32GB
Hard Drive 512GB SSD
CD Drive No Optical Drive
Video Card NVIDIA RTX A3500
Wireless Integrated WLAN
Integrated Bluetooth
Extras -
Linux Compatibility Excellent
Further Details
Delivery Normally shipped within 5 business days. Subject to availability.

Free insured delivery is provided to most locations in Australia. Some remote locations may carry an extra delivery charge.
Warranty 3-year system and 1-year battery warranty
Price $5139 (inc GST)

or lease for $301.15/month (24 month term)

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Base System

Request Quote
If instead of an order you would like a quote for this system please select this option and we will provide a formal quote for you. You can request any variance to the items listed here on the next page.

Linux Operating System
If you would like us to install a Linux operating system on this laptop for you please select which distribution you prefer from the list below. If you would like more than one of the following please contact us for a custom quote.

Ubuntu Linux 22.04 LTS - GNOME Edition +$0
Ubuntu Linux 22.04 LTS - MATE Edition +$0
KUbuntu Linux 22.04 LTS +$0
XUbuntu Linux 22.04 LTS +$0
Ubuntu Linux 23.04 LTS - GNOME Edition +$0
Ubuntu Linux 23.04 LTS - MATE Edition +$0
KUbuntu Linux 23.04 LTS +$0
XUbuntu Linux 23.04 LTS +$0
Rocky Linux 9 +$0
Debian GNU/Linux 12 +$0
Debian GNU/Linux Testing +$0
Debian GNU/Linux Unstable +$0
elementary OS 7 +$0
Fedora Linux 38 - Cinnamon Edition +$0
Fedora Linux 38 - GNOME Edition +$0
Fedora Linux 38 - KDE Edition +$0
Fedora Linux 38 - MATE Edition +$0
Fedora Linux 38 - Xfce Edition +$0
Linux Mint 21 LTS - Cinnamon Edition +$0
Linux Mint 21 LTS - MATE Edition +$0
Linux Mint 21 LTS - Xfce Edition +$0
Mageia 9 - GNOME Edition +$0
Mageia 9 - KDE Edition +$0
Manjaro 23.0 - GNOME Edition +$0
Manjaro 23.0 - KDE Edition +$0
Manjaro 23.0 - XFCE Edition +$0
MX Linux 23 +$0
OpenSUSE Linux Leap - GNOME Edition +$0
OpenSUSE Linux Leap - KDE Edition +$0
OpenSUSE Linux Tumbleweed - GNOME Edition +$0
OpenSUSE Linux Tumbleweed - KDE Edition +$0
Zorin OS 16 - Core +$0
Zorin OS 16 - Lite +$0
Other Linux Operating System (please specify next page) +$0
No Operating System +$0

Pre-installed Operating System
Microsoft Windows 11 Professional comes pre-installed with this laptop from the manufacturer. If you would like us to remove or change it for you please select from the options below.

Microsoft Windows 11 Professional - Dual boot with Linux
No Windows Operating System Pre-Installed

System Updates

The following are upgrades you can make to the base system. If a component you require is not listed here please let us know in the addition information field on the next page and if the component is available to us we will give you an updated quote with the new component.

If you are not sure about any of the components here or you are not sure exactly what you require please feel free to contact us.

Extra Memory
None +$0

Optional Extras
Optical Mini-Mouse +$25
Wireless Optical Mini-Mouse +$40
Bluetooth Optical Mini-Mouse (requires notebook with Bluetooth) +$55
Standard Carry Bag +$49
High Quality Carry Bag +$99
External DVD+-RW USB Optical Drive +$54
32GB USB3 Memory Stick +$7
64GB USB3 Memory Stick +$10
128GB USB3 Memory Stick +$18
1TB External USB HDD Drive (no external power required) +$80
2TB External USB HDD Drive (no external power required) +$112

Additional Software
Linux Software
Google Chrome for Linux +$0
VirtualBox OSE for Linux +$0
Microsoft Windows Software
Microsoft Office 2021 Home and Student +$190
Microsoft Office 2021 Home and Business +$325
Microsoft Office 2021 Professional +$577
Mozilla Firefox +$0
Google Chrome for Windows +$0
LibreOffice +$0
VirtualBox OSE for Windows +$0
*Other software available on request

Technical Support
Linux Now provides high quality and friendly technical support to help you get the most out of your new system. Support is available Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm. Please note that only basic support is offered for the Adobe, Corel and MYOB suite of applications. For more information please visit our support section.

No Technical Support +$0
1 Hour Technical Support +$132
5 Hours Technical Support Bronze Package +$630
10 Hours Technical Support Silver Package +$1200
20 Hours Technical Support Gold Package +$2280
40 Hours Technical Support Platinum Package +$4320

Additional Support
On-site Installation (Melbourne Only) +$199

Purchase 2 or more systems and you will receive a $20 discount (plus a further $50 discount when On-site Installation is used) for the second and subsequent systems ordered.

Final Total: $ (inc GST)

While we try to ensure the specifications for the notebook listed is correct, unintentional error may appear from time to time. You may like to check with the laptop manufacturer to ensure the specifications are correct.

Other components are available on request. All prices include GST.

Lease price is provided as an estimate only. Variations may occur from time to time.


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