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  • Backup and Data Security

VG Computing offers a sophisticated data security system to keep your valuable data safe. We include several techniques including RAID and tape/cd backups while keeping the system easy to use.

We can not stress enough how important a well managed data security/backup system is when a disaster strikes. It could very well save your business by keeping your important customer details and vital documents safe.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

What backup method do you use?

We can use several methods depending on what you need. Possible backup methods are to CD, Tape, Hard Drive and a remote computer.

What is RAID?

In terms of data security we use a system called RAID1. This provides you the ability to run 2 hard drives in parallel so when one drive fails the data is still stored on the other.

What do I need to backup?

You would certainly want to backup your important documents. You may also want to backup your whole system as well but not as regularly as your documents.

My question wasn't answered here?

Feel free to contact us for further information.

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